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Stef Chura, Tuesday September 18, 2018

Dinner and drinks


Conecuh sausage dogs with onions and peppers/veggie dogs

Deviled eggs


Cobbler and ice cream 



Suggested: $20 Adult

$10 Students/studentish

100% of donations go to artist


Artist takes credit cards for merchandise

We were so lucky to be able to grab Stef Chura between Birmingham and New Orleans. She is peeling off her tour of major indie venues for a few hours to play for us -  you really need to see this rising star. Her unique voice and songwriting meld in a lovely, jangly style that is so fresh but nods comfortably to other music we love. 

Pitchfork says "Detroit indie rocker Stef Chura has the kind of magnetic voice that music writers fall into ditches attempting to describe. Froggy, trembling, and full of unexpected catches, it sits in the forefront of her debut album Messes, and she often uses her finger-picked guitars behind it to trace and echo her vocal melody, framing for maximum scrutiny. She seems confident with her instrument and to grasp how it works, the same way a good character actor knows how to use their pointy chin, their waggling nose, or their thick eyebrows. Breath to breath, note to note, she  evokes different singers: On “Faded Heart” she sounds like Stevie Nicks impersonating Dan Bejar. On “Slow Motion,” she recalls Television’s Tom Verlaine, while on “You” she channels the velvety longeurs of Chrissie Hynde."

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