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We are opening our home to friends and neighbors interested in hearing live music in a social, informal atmosphere. Our goal is to build an audience willing to reliably support talented artists in a wide range of genres, creating a destination for up-and-coming and established musicians.


Our house shows are private parties that showcase a musical artist.  There is a social time first with dinner or appetizers and wine and mixers - details are on the event page. The musician will typically play 1 set of about an hour. There is room to sit, stand or dance. Attendees are asked to support the artist with a generous donation that goes directly to the musician; most suggest $20 per adult and $10 for students, underemployed millenials and the like. If you cannot afford the donation, just let us know ahead of time and we will put your name "on the door" with those who donate ahead of time. The musicians depend on this for their income and are traveling to play for us, but also would not want a fan to miss out. Artists will usually bring merchandise and these sales are an important part of their income. Check the event page to see if they take credit cards or if you need to be ready with cash. Tickets are available online up to one hour before the show, but advance purchases and RSVPs are greatly appreciated - we are cooking and preparing for you.

This is both a social and a performance event, so be respectful of the musicians. Well behaved children are welcome and you can leave with your tired little ones at any time with no shame. 

523 6th St S, Columbus, MS

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