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Richard Buckner, Sunday, Sept 9th 

Dinner and drinks


Pork tenderloin in honey balsamic glaze on buttered rice

Baked spinach and cheese

Key Lime Pie

Richard Buckner is an enigmatic singer songwriter with a cult-like following of musicians and music lovers. He recently gained attention when Bon Iver dedicated his last album to him, saying "Richard Buckner has 13 albums and every one of them is perfect. Lyrics can be more flowing and more impressionistic. Found myself falling into a land or a dream and suspending disbelief more listening to his lyrics. Sound things out and find out what it means later. Gave me the courage to write like that."

Pitchfork said of his last album "For 20 years, Richard Buckner has elusively drifted through alt-country, electric folk, acoustic rock. Over the past decade, he has shrouded his abstract singer/songwriter music with vast, ominously serene arrangements. But no matter which way Buckner tacks, he always contrasts imagery so nonfigurative it seems shaped from vapor with tactile, oaken music. His deep-grained acoustic guitar playing is splintery as a raw plank. His voice is a long gnarled shape with a silky finish, like a sea-polished branch, and gives a roughshod impression that belies its smooth range and secure pitch. Its heaviness is most affecting when it floats vulnerably high to breathe out the merest hints of a narrative, as on "Portrait", one of many gorgeously charged songs on new discography highlight *Surrounded. * "

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