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Alex Pieschel

Friday, November 18th  2016 at 7:00

Alex Pieschel is based in Columbus. May 2016 he released his debut EP “Waitin’ Around,” which was recorded on a four-track cassette tape recorder. Alex's music, described as “brooding folk” and “dream gaze pop,” reflects a developing retrofuturistic performance style that moves beyond singer-songwriter, incorporating electronic samplers and synthesizers while still falling back on smooth pop vocals and an old Yamaha acoustic guitar from the 1960s. Visit Alex at

Dinner and concert

Please RSVP by email, facebook or ticket 

Menu - Burrito bowls with cuban-style pork, pumpkin cake, lime daquiris

Vegetarian and non-alcoholic options

Suggested donation - goes directly to artist

VIP - $35 - Includes immediate album download, CD and zine

Adults - $20

Students/millenials - $6 

All welcome regardless of ability to contribute

Cash only at door and for merchandise - for credit cards purchase a ticket. 

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