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Squirrel Flower - Tuesday, Sept 14th

Doors and dinner - 7:00
Show - 8:00

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Praise for new album Planet (i):

Rolling Stone - tracks that showcase her sharp songwriting over maximum guitar distortion, whether it’s the stunning opener “I’ll Go Running” (“I’ll be newer than before/I’ll be something that you’ve never seen”) or “Hurt a Fly” (“You know I could never hurt a fly/Unless it wasted my time”).

Paste Magazine: One of Williams’ most consistent strengths as a songwriter is that she knows when to kick things into high gear... the best tracks are the full-fledged indie-rock anthems.

The Skinny (5/5 stars):  It feels like a cathartic release...

NPR: But as the song builds and her guitar playing rips, devastates and churns, Williams takes control in the driver's seat. On the song — and across the album, which is "a love letter to disaster in every form imaginable," ...When catastrophe strikes, should you stay and stare down the dumpster fire, or leave and abandon the mess all together?

Pulled pork bbq/veg option
Mac & cheese
Crisp green bean salad
Fudgy brownies with cocoa buttercream frosting


Squirrel Flower
Squirrel Flower
Sep 14, 2021, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Sunstroke House,
523 6th St S, Columbus, MS 39701, USA

Squirrel Flower’s heart-rending sophomore album Planet (i), following her 2020 debut I Was Born Swimming, is exactly that. A singular planet, a world entirely of artist Ella Williams’ making. The title came first to her as a joke: it’s her made-up name for the new planet people will inevitably settle and destroy after leaving Earth, as well as the universe imagined within her music. “Planet (i) is my body and mind,” Williams says, “and it’s the physical and emotional world of our planet. It’s both.” Buoyed by her steadfast vision and propelled by her burning comet of a voice, the record is a love letter to disaster in every form imaginable. Tornadoes, flooding, gaslighting assholes, cars on fire—these songs fully embrace a planet in ruin. As Williams rides from melancholy to jubilance to complete emotional devastation over the course of twelve songs, she carves out a future for herself and those she loves. Planet (i), out June 25, 2021 on Polyvinyl and Full Time Hobby, is at once a refuge, an act of self-healing, and a musical reflection of Squirrel Flower’s inner and outer worlds.

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