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Faye Webster - Sunday, Aug 4th 

Dinner and drinks

Doors - 7:00

Dinner and drinks provided for all attendees



$20 Adult

$10 Students

100% of donations go to artist


Faye started writing music at fourteen and released her first album at 16. You can hear her family's bluegrass affinity in the americana/alt-country gems, but the songwriting was already remarkably mature (including one of my personal favorites, Lonestar). Although embracing and embraced by Atlanta's hip-hop community, her music doesn't use that disparate genre as a gimmick, but lets it blend into an R&B influence that smooths out her genuinely sweet vocals and honest, charming lyrics.


Pitchfork gave her just released album, Atlanta Millionaire's Club, glowing reviews, and said "Webster’s hyper-modern brand of cool moves with a swiftness that can make her interest in internet rap seem vintage, and her throwback non-musical passions—baseball and trick yo-yoing—seem trendy. Yet her sharply observed and simply stated lyrics land with immediacy. "

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