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Pony Bradshaw, Friday Feb 1st

Dinner and drinks


Chimichurri chicken

Roasted corn with queso

Pinto beans

Mexican chocolate cake



Suggested: $20 Adult

$10 Students/studentish

100% of donations go to artist


Artist takes credit cards for merchandise

Buzz (aka Pony) promised us he wouldn't forget us, and we are lucky enough to catch him on his album release tour! We have been big fans since first hearing him and as he's worked his day job and made a record.

His label, Rounder Records, says:

"On his debut album Sudden Opera, 38-year-old Pony offers a convincing argument in favor of art made by adults who have had time to live, screw up, try again, and find their voice. The record’s title is an apt description: its sound hits abruptly then steadily, like a flood––swells of moody strings, thundering low ends, and dramatic keys, led by Pony’s swinging soul vocals yearning, consoling, and questioning. “I’m a big questioner, for sure,” Pony says. “Flannery O’Connor said she doesn’t know what she believes until she writes it. It’s a way of figuring out your own belief system, there for everybody to see as you work through it. Writing tells me about myself.” He pauses. “It helps a lot.”"

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