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Rocky Votolato - Wed June 28th

Dinner and drinks




Ice cream sundae bar



$20 - presale tickets ONLY per artist's management. There are no walkups . If you cannot afford a ticket and want to go, please contact us well ahead of time.

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Votolato teases whole worlds out of his beautifully understated lyrics. Think Elliot Smith, only more hopeful and with a grittier voice.”

– Marie Claire – “10 Best To Do

Rocky was raised near Dallas, until the age of 13. After his parents were divorced, his mother remarried and moved the family to the Seattle area. Alienated by his southern roots, the isolation led him to focus all of his attention on learning to play guitar and writing songs. Inspired by seeing many punk shows including bands like Jawbreaker and Fugazi, he started several different musical projects while in high school. 

Rocky will be playing his entire 2003 album "Suicide Medicine" as part of a living room tour across the US. The album was recorded and produced by Chris Walla from Death Cab for Cutie, and is a dark and beautiful album.  


In this KEXP session video he discusses playing for intimate groups and his enthusiasm is evident.

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