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Seth Power, Friday, Nov 30

Dinner and drinks


Vegetable soup 

Sour cream cornbread

Gingersnap ice cream sandwiches



Suggested: $20 Adult

$10 Students/studentish

100% of donations go to artist


Artist takes credit cards for merchandise

Having a love for music from a young age, songwriter Seth Power began playing piano at the age of only 8 years old, followed with guitar at the age of 10. It was around 14 when he started writing and recording his own music and his passion grew from there. The next year, Power began playing open mics and continued gigging through his college years as his primary source of income. Spending a short time working straight out of college, he quickly realized his need to follow his dream. He quit his job and began to pursue music wholeheartedly. In 2016  Power released an EP in collaboration with a young female artist and played the role of writer/producer for the project. All those long hours in the studio writing and recording provided him a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon while crafting his latest release, "Magnolia Soul."  The record is a true  testament to where Power is at with his music right now.  
Playing alongside acts like Babyface, T-Pain, and Bobby Rush, as well as opening for artist Leon Russell, Power is certainly not new to spreading the music through live performance.

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