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Soren Bryce, Friday, Jan 4th

Dinner and drinks


Winter pasta salad

Garlic bread

Chocolate Cake



Suggested: $20 Adult

$10 Students/studentish

100% of donations go to artist


Both Brooklyn cool and Texas warm, Soren Bryce will be the perfect antidote for your post holiday blahs. She played a tiny opener on the piano earlier this year and I begged her to come back for a full show. 

NPR said in 2015 "Singer-songwriter Soren Bryce sounds like the type who has more ideas than there are minutes in a day. It's a particular kind of creative person: A novelist who wakes up with words ready to pour out, a painter who sketches compulsively on any available surface, a songwriter who rises in the middle of the night to capture a somnial melody. Bryce, who at 18 has taught herself six instruments and was classically trained on two others, seems to have the gene."

2018 has her fully inhabiting the performance space. A reviewer said "Soren’s voice, like last time, felt like a weighty mist trying to get through the darkness interrupted by dancing lights and frenetic images...I felt magnetism from Soren’s performance. It was as if, more than ever, I knew I was seeing a star."

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