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October 13 - Mel Washington

Dinner and drinks



Baked sweet potatoes

Buttered broccoli

Roasted tomato mac & cheese

Triple chocolate cake



Suggested: $20 Adult

$10 Students/studentish

100% of donations go to artist


Artist takes credit cards for merchandise

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Mel is a Charleston native and a founding member of  the popular southern rock indy band, All Get Out. Now on his own, he sings a mix of Americana, Adult Contemporary, Indie, and a touch of gospel and soul. 

An album reviewer said: "In this four minutes, Mel Washington captured a part of music that is regrettably lacking nowadays: soul.  It is one thing to be able to hit the right notes, let a few guitar chords ring and entertain an audience.  It is quite another thing to silence the crowd and make them grateful to be able to witness something so raw and real."

Mel's Bandcamp Page

Mel's Facebook Page

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