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Want to play at Sunstroke House?

We book a small number of shows each year, typically one per month September - April and one or two max in the summer. The sets are original music, about an hour, and can be acoustic, amped, solo, or full band.  There are several great venues here for folk, storyteller and praise music so we avoid that but will consider other genres. 


We have a great audience - appreciative and attentive. Max comfortable capacity is 50, but we can set up overflow space for a 10 - 15 more.  Artists take 100% of the door. Accommodations, food and drinks are included, and the space can be seen here


Please look at our scheduled and past artists to see the high caliber of musician we are looking for. Musicians love playing here, and we work very hard to make it a great experience for the artist and audience. 

If you are interested, please send your information and tour dates to

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